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This is a job to place Ads of differnet sponsors in different classified sites or in business directories. This helps the sponsors to increase their clientage by promoting their business worldwide. This also helps the sponsors to increase their Serach Engine position upwards. This is easy but again one has to follow certain sets of rules(provided by the sponsors) and it has to be logical i.e. you can afford to ignore the stepwise methods.

Registered members will be required to do online work on our companies behalf (i.e. Giga Online Jobs) All individuals have to keep track of the number of Surfing, sites etc as per the assignment and the details of the entry has to be maintained. Executives must work themselves. They cannot employ/ hire individuals to work on their behalf. All new members must go through the rules and regulations of the company. Some of the hints are given in this website in brief.

Job prospect There is no limit of job/assignment. Job is home based. Assignments are not forced. You can work from any computer including cyber cafe. The jobs offered are Web Surfing in to any format and we concentrate more on better and speed in Web Surfing.

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